BLACKBERRIES 29" X 40" 2004                                     Back to Gallery

This is another experimental piece where I continue to 'paint' with fused fabric shapes, onto a foundation layer. Machine quilting through a cotton batting adds decorative texture and definition. 

I start with a rough outline of where my features (like blackberries, flowers and leaves) are to be positioned on the foundation layer. I fuse 1/8 yard pieces of my selected background fabrics and then cut them into small rectangles ("1" to 2 1/2") of varying sizes with a rotary cutter and fluted blade. I paint from background to foreground, gently fusing them in place with a small iron when I am happy with the way they look. 

Fused appliqué, machine piecing and machine quilting

*You don't get good at something by NOT doing it. So I continue to practice and improve my machine technique on smaller wall hangings.