HYDRANGEA FENCE  42" X 46"  2000                           Back to Gallery


This quilt represents a development in my method of creating the background pictures. In an attempt to give a 'painterly look' to the background, I am using larger squares (cut at 3 ¼), made up of strips of colored and dyed fabrics. Individual flowers are machine appliquéd in the foreground for added interest.

Machine piecing, machine quilting and hand reverse appliqué

* This is one of my favourite quilts because of its colours and associations with the Welsh village of Sychdyn where I live. It is the variety of colour within one flower head and from plant to plant which interests and delights me, so it came as no surprise when I was told that the Welsh word for Hydrangea, tri lliw ar ddeg', translates literally as 'three colours on ten'.