STILL WATERS  35" x 36"  1999                 Back to Gallery

 I am a member of the The Quilters' Guild of the BI and this quilt was juried into the Guild's 'Under the Covers' exhibition in 1999, held at Lord's Cricket Ground in London. To justify its suitability for selection, I reasoned that the water is 'under the cover' of the trees and the process by which I hand sew the decorative wrought iron over the top, uncovers the picture underneath. The water was created from one fabric which was shaded from light through to dark. I chose to use only the reverse side of the fabric to give a softer effect and to give the impression that the light was reflecting off the surface of the water.

Machine piecing, machine quilting and hand reverse appliqué

*When I machine quilted 'Open Gate' I had to stop every time I came up against a wrought iron shape and restart on the other side of it. As a development, I decided to machine quilt this picture first before covering it with the black foreground fabric, marked with the pattern. I reasoned that I could do this because I sew flat on a table surface with my fingers on top and I don't have to pick up my work to sew. It worked and the rest of the gate quilts have been made this way.