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No I haven't got the date wrong. How could anyone forget the timing? The quilt is based on     the reports in the UK newspapers on the 12th, the quotes, the images, the comments and the headlines. I felt that I needed to transfer the information onto fabric in order to let go in my mind; not to forget but to remember always.

A shattered window reveals the scene of devastation, with the cathedral-like skeletons of the twin towers reflecting the sun which, unbelievably, continued to shine. Rising from the smoke and flames is the might of America, an eagle, carrying an olive branch of peace. This symbol transforms from the doves of peace to the war planes over Afghanistan as the chosen pathway to peace. The imagery and writing around the border speak for themselves.

I suffered no personal loss in this tragedy apart from a momentary loss of faith in humanity. This was fully restored by subsequent reports of acts  of love, bravery, compassion and steadfastness.