ESCHERFLIES  49" X 56"  1995               Back to Gallery  



Inspired by an Escher design, this quilt includes a variety of hand and machine methods. The quilt top is a piece of black fabric marked with the pattern on the right side. The colour-washed panel at the top was prepared on a design wall and machine sewn. The wings of the butterflies were constructed individually using a paper foundation method. The prepared sections were then placed behind the black fabric and sewn using a hand reverse appliqué technique. The striking border was accurately sewn using a paper foundation method.

Machine piecing, foundation piecing, hand reverse applique and hand and machine quilting

*My husband suggested that I hired a cleaner to do the housework I was so reluctant to do (I'd rather be quilting!) Whenever my 'woman-that-does' came to work, I spent the time sewing this quilt, reasoning that I had bought back some time for myself. This quilt represents that short lived indulgency!