ALL IN VANE  74" X 98"  1993                Back to Gallery  




The patchwork background was created randomly from 3" squares. Silhouetted images of weather vanes were appliquéd by machine onto this background and the traditional 'weather vane' block was used to create a striking border. The hand sewn quilting lines represent the isobars on a weather map and a large ceiling pointer design was added to the quilt back to complete the weather vane theme.

Machine pieced and appliquéd, machine and hand quilted

This was the first time I had used silhouetting on a quilt. I liked the strength of the images created by the black  fabric against the other assorted fabric used in the quilt. I took me a long while and many quilts before I got back to silhouetted images. I began to utilize the strength of black fabric in many future quilts.