BLUE HAWAII 42" x 42" 1993                  Back to Gallery  

This quilt was entered and juried into the Quilters' Guild of the BI's  exhibition, 'A New Look at Old Traditions'. I chose t1he tradition of Hawaiian appliqué and developed it to give a positive and negative appearance. A large square of fabric was created as a 4 patch, each patch made up of 2 triangles, one purple and the other blue and the pattern was transferred onto it. An identical square was sewn and basted underneath so that purple lay under blue and blue lay under purple. As the pattern on the foreground fabric was cut away and sewn, the opposite colour was exposed on the background fabric. 

Hand needle-turning and hand quilting

*Another favourite quilt for me, representing the time I worked  as a VSO on remote islands in the Pacific for 2½ years. The hand quilted rhythms of the echoing lines represent so well the constant movement of that mighty ocean.