I had been told at school that I was useless at art so I just assumed I hadn't got a creative bone in my body. Perhaps I would never have discovered my creativity had it not been for quilt making, through which I have found that I have a feel for colour and an aptitude for design. I designed my first quilt, Jacobean Spring, in 1986 because I genuinely believed that a competition entry had to be an original piece of work! Having discovered that I enjoyed making quilts that were different, and that I could be successful at it, I found creative inspiration everywhere I looked. Here are some examples.


JACOBEAN SPRING  62" X 78 "  1986



Hand appliqué and hand quilting

This quilt was my first competition entry, 2 years into my quilt making career. It was made so intensively over a 10 week period that I was heartily glad to see the back of it! But when it was selected as the Championship Quilt at the UK National Patchwork Championships, you can imagine the pride with which it was brought back home again!

The quilt was hand appliquéd in smaller sections, which were hand quilted first before being joined together - commonly referred to as 'lap-quilting'. The motifs were inspired by Jacobean embroidery designs which were much simplified for ease of sewing.



DOILY ART  54" x 54" 1988                     



A much simplified doily design was transferred onto the right side of the pale foreground fabric. The coloured background fabrics were basted behind the 'holes' where the foreground fabric would be cut away. The edges of the holes were needle-turned to build up the design.

Hand reverse applique and hand quilting

*This first attempt at reverse applique made me realise that I really enjoyed manipulating the shape of the fabric with the needle. This close control of the edges of the fabric resulted in very accurate shapes.