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Published in the USA by AQS (American Quilt Society).


The simple and economical machine appliqué method described in this book is based on producing two images from one pattern by using both the positive and negative images. In other words,  2-4-1 appliqué!  It is suitable for beginners who are just starting their journey into machine appliqué. The more experienced sewer will find much to interest them in the way this novel method is used and developed. Teachers are sure to find it an excellent resource book, with its structured step-by-step layout, where illustration and text clearly show the way through the method and projects.

Whoever you are, this book is definitely for you!

For more information go to the books and latest releases pages of the AQS website at http://www.americanquilter.com

At this website Dual Image Appliqué is also available as an

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Or you can order a signed copy from me by emailing dilys.fronks@btinternet.com or by sending your cheque for £16.50 (plus £1.50 p&p) to  Y Gorlan, Nercwys, Mold, Flintshire CH7 4EA   



At Play with Appliqué     ISBN1-57120-335-4 

Dilys Shows You The Way - You Choose Your Favorite Method

Learn from a master - Dilys creates gorgeous appliqué no matter what technique she uses!  Workbook approach lets you focus on one skill at a time.  Whether you are teaching a group or teaching yourself, you'll appreciate Dilys' clear, illustrated instructions and skill-building projects.

"DILYS FRONKS writes with humor and grace about the art of appliqué.  She uses a variety of techniques to create designs ranging from Jacobean appliqué to her popular wrought iron skills.  

An accomplished teacher, she enjoys sharing the many lessons, large and small, that she herself learned along the way.  Dilys lives in Wales, UK."

NB: Copies are available at Amazon Books.  

Go to http://www.amazon.co.uk

Or you can order a signed copy from me by emailing dilys.fronks@btinternet.com or by sending your cheque for £18.50 (inc p&p) to  Y Gorlan, Nercwys, Mold, Flintshire CH7 4EA    

For publishers information go to the C&T Publishing website at www.ctpub.com  

Enchanted Views

    Quilts inspired by wrought-iron designs

Now unfortunately out of print but may still be available at some book stores.  

NB: A few copies are also still available at Amazon Books.  

Go to http://www.amazon.co.uk

This is a teaching, learning and exploring book. It is ideal for the beginner who wants to learn about reverse appliqué and needle-turn method, and it is perfect for the more experienced sewer who wishes to develop appliqué skills in a different and inspirational way.

The Beginners Workshop in Reverse Appliqué (page 20) follows a workshop format, using a small sample to take you step by step, by text and illustration, through the reverse appliqué method and needle-turn technique.

Basic skills can be learned and developed through a range of appealing projects that gradually increase in degree of difficulty. The projects explore a variety of ideas that have been inspired by metal-work, with alternative approaches suggested where appropriate.

You can make the principle project, The Garden Gate quilt, by using the pullout pattern at the back of the book. Of , if you prefer to be more original, inspirational illustrations and simple directions are available for creating your own picture and designing your own gate.

'Enchanted Views' (ISBN 1 57120-132-7) was published by C&T Publishing Inc in 2002. 


Simply Quilts

Dilys Fronks with Alex Anderson.  Simply Quilts on HGTV in the USA, show number: 816, 2002. 

For information go to  http://www.hgtv.com/hgtv/shows_qlt

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