I started quilt making in 1983 when I was living in Dorset where I saw my first appliqué quilt and just needed to make one! I loved the over-all effect of that quilt made complete by the impact of colors, the combination of fabrics, the delicacy of design and the texture of the quilting. I attended a workshop to ‘have a go’ and from that moment I had found where I wanted to be, without realising that I had been searching for somewhere to go!  I was a total non-sewer and had to learn the hard way, which in turn has made me a sympathetic teacher. Up until that first quilt, I had not realized that I had a creative bone in my body, or a feel for color and an aptitude for design. My first quilt opened up those doors and gave me confidence to sew my way into a fascinating and diverse craft to the extent that my favorite expression is now 'I feel a quilt coming on!' I just can't help myself. The moral of my introduction to quilt making is that if I can do it anyone can. During the last 20 years, I have sewn whenever possible, taught locally, nationally and internationally and written many books and articles and I have never tired of it. I have continued to learn through teaching, increasing my expertise in all aspects of quilt making, trying new ideas and learning from my mistakes to try again.
In North Wales, where I now live, there is a quaint tradition. Trades people sharing the same name are often known locally as ‘Jones the Post’ or ‘Thomas the Milk’ and so on. There are many others who share the Welsh name of Dilys, and I am sometimes distinguished from them as ‘Dilys the Quilt’ - a label I wear with pride.

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